Tuesday, November 13, 2012

1a. Beginning of the Bucketlist- What You Do

I originally started this blog to do beauty tutorials and to showcase different things about style, fashion, makeup, and etc.
But I've found that I'm just not particularly good at taking the time to do this kind of thing just for the sake of doing it to put online (if that makes sense!).
So I've decided I'm revamping this whole blog. It will basically be the same stuff (no tutorials unless a camera happens to be rolling while I'm doing makeup or something or I get a request)
But I've decided I'm going to just update you guys on my life.
That sounds so conceited, but I think this is kind of what I need to kick myself in the pants and realize that I don't want to wake up one day and realize I've never done anything.
And hey! Maybe you guys can help me along the way! Or join in if you like these same things!
Among other miscellaneous things, I'll be updating you on my bucket list and hopefully I can get most of these filled out.
Wish me luck! :)

2. Go to California
3. Live in New York
4. Get extensions (I have this weird complex. I'll explain in another post!)
5. Be in a music video
6. Model (legit)
7. Go with a friend through Europe
8. Stay on a Native American Reservation
9. Do something that wouldn't normally be done spontaneously (also will be explained)
10. Give out Free Hugs
11. Get a picture with a celebrity
12. Fix my bottom teeth
13. Visit the Playboy Mansion
14. Go on a food trip! (will be explained)
15. Actually start my Bread Pudding Diaries (...also needs explaining)
16. Meet someone through this blog to do some of these with!
17. Attend a party as big as Project X
18. Get a picture kissing a guy celebrity on the cheek (PLEASE, DRAKE. OR RYAN GOSLING.)
19. Be an extra (in anything)
20. Bring awareness to at least one social issue
21. Ski/snowboard
22. Climb a mountain
23. Get straight A's at least ONE semester before my college career is over.
24. Eat at a 5 star restaurant
25. Meet the President (whoever it is at the time. Or Obama and Bush. They seem cool)
26. Get an actual really cool part time job (like being a club promoter or something)
27. Visit Chicago
28. Meet Wendy Williams
29. Have someone agree to let me try online beauty consulting! (I know I'd be good at it!)
30. Have someone say I changed their life
31. Have my life changed
32. Party on a rooftop
33. See the Northern Lights
34. Meet a fashion/style icon and interview them.
25. Watch the sun set (or rise) somewhere where the sun would look massive (like in the movies)
26. Stay in one of those cool hotels you see on Pinterest (like the under water one)
27. Visit the Japanese Tunnel of Fireflies
28. Save up $500,000 just because (1 mil was a little ambitious)
29. Take a great, classic photo
30. Just buy a ticket, get on a plane, and go somewhere
31. Be Painted!
32. Mud wrestle
33. Splurge on something super expensive
34. Stop apologizing for everything! (bad habit!)
35. Establish some sort of exercise routine

The list will definitely grow and shrink as I think of more things and cross things off. <3

Now, my ultimate goal is to end up on television as a host (Broadcast journalism major problems), so I left off things like "be on tv" and things like that, but they're an aspiration as well. Just not something I want to put on my silly bucket list because I'm serious about them.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Everyone! I'm starting up my online beauty consulting today! I'm very excited to get this started. At first I was just going to do online makeup consulting, but in my everyday life at home, I'm always giving people advice and recommendations on types of makeup, hair, and clothes styles and so far I have yet to dissappoint. So I thought- Why not give it a try online? I love giving any kinds of advice, but I feel like fashion is definitely a forte and a passion of mine.

My new about me:

I'm Kissa and I'm your free, online beauty consultant!
Ever get bored with your style or don't really have one? I love makeup, fashion, and (of course) bargain hunting.
All you need to do is send me a message, tweet, or a comment with:
1.) How would you describe yourself in 3 words? (they don't have to have anything to do with fashion-- any words you feel describe you!)
2.) How would you describe your style now?
3.) What is your favorite kind of shoe?
4.) (NOT mandatory) as far as makeup and hair suggestions, it's easier to give feedback if you provide a picture of your face as well as a full body (clothed please!!!) picture. If you aren't comfortable sending a picture, I'll need a detailed description of your face type and body type so I cam make appropriate clothing and makeup suggestions.

That's all! Give me a couple hours or days (depending on my schedule) and I'll get back to you with:
1.) A brief description of the type of style I recommend
2.) A list of clothing items that will help start off your new wardrobe (with links to websites where you can buy/see an example of the clothing! [don't worry! I'll try to keep the prices cheap!])
3.) A draw-up/tutorial of the types of makeup that I feel will best accompany the new look (along with links to websites to the types of makeup I suggest)
4.) Finally, a hair suggestion (for everyday, formal, and semi-formal occasions!)

If you love your new look, be sure to get back to me and I'll post a feature of you on my blog showing off your new look!
**Just a side note- I am by no means a professional image consultant! I'm just an online helping hand, and everything I suggest are just that- suggestions. At the end of the day, my passion is making others look at feel beautiful!

That's all for now!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Your Eyebrows. Fix Them.

Just my thoughts about penciling in your eyebrows.

Do you fill in your eyebrows? If so how do you keep them from looking harsh? Do you arch them? Why arch? Why not?

That's all for now!

Last Few Weeks

 Nothing too interesting that I've been doing the past couple weeks... Still figuring out youtube and blogging and running around in circles with work and stuff.

Here's some nail stuff I've done in the past couple of weeks! I know I keep saying expect tutorials, and I promise they're coming! It's just taking me so long because doing them is so easy I forget to do the tutorial as I paint them.
All I have to say about the following nail looks is 1. They were all easy. 2. Tape will be your new best friend when replicating these. (:

Tip: Glitter nail polish is one of the easiest to use when making sharp lines because it's less runny and easier to control! 

These last few looks all used the new color Jaded by Revlon. I've been OBSESSED <3

 Welp, other than that, I visited my grandma this weekend and became a pro at MineSweeper...
ACTUALLY-- come to think of it, I did move out of my old apartment last week! So there's my excuse for the lack of posting. (:

Guess that's all for now!


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Galaxy Nails!

My friend wanted a really cool look for her nails and I've seen a really cool "space/galaxy" theme going around lately so I hunted around on Google for some inspiration and this is what we came up with! Super easy and super cute!

I'll make a tutorial if requested otherwise, here are the steps:

You'll need:

-Black Nail Polish
-White nail polish
-Some variation of colors like Blue, Purple, and Yellow (I used gold for the yellow)

1. Use black (Or a DEEP, dark navy blue) as the base colour and paint the entire nail.
2. Using a makeup spong, rip off a tiny piece and dip it into a drop of white polish.
3. Lightly sponge on the white into a line or swirl (should look cloudlike)
4. Take the blue and purple and lightly sponge on either side of the white polish (blending into the white and black)
5. Then take the yellow color and sponge a bit right through the middle of the white.
6. make big and small white dots for stars (i used a bobby pin) around the "nebula" (haha)
7. Finish with a top coat of glitter polish! <3

It sounds way more complicated than it is, but I might do a tutorial, because it looks much easier when you see it step by step (:

We were a little obsessed with the galaxy thing...

That's all for now!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Nail Cheat Sheet #1

Hey guys (or I guess ladies...)

I always love doing cool designs on my nails (as you've probably seen) and people alway have a million questions as to how I did whatever on them, and the first thing people should know is that I am in no way some nail expert.

I'm pretty artistic yes, but the things I do are so simple, when I tell pepole they're like "OH! Why didn't I think of that?"

So, one of the first things I'm going ot show you is a easy way to spice up any nail look that so many people have no idea how to do:

Polka Dots.

Now, some of you might know this trick. I didn't learn it from anywhere, I was just doing my nails and wanted to do dots and wondered what the best way to get them would be. I started out by trying to DRIP polish onto my nails.

Then I bought one of those nail polishes with the looooooong brush tip to try to dot it, better, but still hard to manouver if you're a beginner.

Then I thought about how I get my nails done a lot, so I've seen the little tool they use (like when they make flowers) and it's a little metal stick with a ball on the end.
I didn't want to buy one because that seemed excessive, and then it hit me-- what has the almost exact same shape?

The end of a bobby pin!

Now you know. Here's a video "tutorial" if you still don't get what I'm talking about (:

That's all for now!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Love Talk.

PROMISE I'll get back to makeup soon!

I just had some more advice I thought I'd like to share with you guys. But instead of boring you with typing it, I made a video.

It's just about some good relationship advice I heard. Sorry to dissappoint those waiting for a makeup tutorial!

But I do what I want haha.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Hey everyone!
I know I haven't posted in a while, and I keep meaning to do posts on hair and of course, more on makeup, but I was taking a bit of a haitus from the computer and just trying to figure myself out?
Sounds so cliche, I know haha.
But honestly, in my few days without technology I've done a lot of thinking about me and what I want and my life. Sometimes we can all get caught up in our feelings. Like for me, I know sometimes I can get caught up and angry and just sit hold on to it for, not days, but months. Most of the time when this happens, it's because I feel disrespected.
 I always tell myself "I've come too far to be disrespected" "I WON'T be disrespected" "Don't disrespect me then expect anything until you admit that you're wrong and have apologised."
Something along those lines.
I was just thinking back about this girl who, I felt, really disrespected me. The conversation went a bit like this:
(Names changed out of respect for everyone involved! and most curse words bleeped)
You= My boyfriend
Orange= girl i've NEVER really met, she was one of my close friend's new girlfriends, and she had added me on facebook a while before this conversation took place (apparently she added any girls he was close to so she could "check up" on them)
Mark= Orange's boyfriend, and a close friend of my boyfriend and I
Ugly a$$ sh!t GF = ... me apparently.

Me and Mark r over
Today when we talked Mark was like I took pics just for u. But on his wall the girl was like the pic is too blurry and seein ur face makes me smile. Doesn't that mean he took them for her?
It's easier to b sibgle
ahaha Sarah...
theyre friends dude
chill out
Such an ugly name
why are you so insecure
Idc I'm sick of being wid one guy
I am not!
I didn't notice it till Mark showed me
a random girl commenting on a pic bothered you
Nick said it was nudes
She commented too?
idk you just said
Idk idc honestly
he told her off for you too
hope you realize that
 well i hope you feel bad for wasting his time
Atleast m goodlooking and sweet. I fukin told him so did his frnd so did my frnd that I was a flrt
Go head
U man whote
Atleast he can get a goodlooking girl
awww youre cute like a middle schooler
youre a girl not a woman
Ur gf has a fat @ss nose her features are over sized
That's what everyone wants in a woman
shes mixed you retard
Exactly shes blak
so shut up?
She's not goodlooking
thats not true at all
I Habe higher standerds cuz I can afford to raise the bar u cnt
Dnt need to
U cnt change the size of ur features
Thro pics
Why dnt u use ur tiny ugly @ss eyes to read
how did you graduate high school?
like honestly
you hook up with your teachers?
Dnt apply ur physic to me
It means
Jus cuz u do sh!t doesn't mean I do
how am i a whore?
explain that first part
thats right
shut your mouth because you dont know what youre talking about
break it off with mark pleaseeeeee
he doesnt deserve such a terrible persson
U dersrve ur gf cuz she's sh!t likw u
now youre embarrassing yourself hun
How many times does she shower? Once a month?
making sh!t up now?
this is classic.
stop calling everyonea whore and be okay with yourself.
Ud Noe ur gf falls in that category.
this is what you come up with..via fbook pictures?
Sigh. Look ur girl is ugly @ss sh!t accept it stop lying to urself. Ur ugly as well. So get a life and stfu

Now, reading over this did make me laugh, because my boyfriend is EXTREMELY passive, so when he initially sent this to me, he was like "I"m sorry! I know i couldve defended you more" And I rolled my eyes because I know he couldn't have because it's just not really the way he is, but for as much as i pretended to not care about the things she said -- the comments and the racial slurs-- I found myself getting angrier and angrier.
I kept telling myself I shouldn't, because the real issue here, wasn't about me at all. If anything it was about her and Mark, but i just let myself be this angry person.
After two days of just working myself up I ended up calling Mark and (me, being much more agressive than my boyfriend...) cursing him out to "get his girl in line. and are you really gonna let her talk to your friends like that? I demand you tell her to come say those things to my face" and stuff like that.

Of course, in the end she chickened out of ever meeting up with me to just apologise and straighten things out. Shocker there. But it's been about a year since then, and we have still never talked, until one day I was hanging out with a friend who knows her. I told the friend about this situation and told them I don't hate her, but until she apologises to me, she can basically go you-know-what herself. Well, not shortly after this conversation who should pop up on facebook chat but her.

All it said was "hey"

and I knew it would lead to an apology. I KNEW. I knew maybe she was going to try to make things right. But I couldn't let her have that.

So I never responded.
Of course, since I made that bed, I'm laying in it, I dont expect an apology anymore, because I closed that door. But I wondered why didn't I just say "Hey" back? Did I WANT to be angry with her?

And then I realized, it's because the reason i was angry was never about the things she said. The things other people say to us, rarely ever are about what that person thinks or what they said. What do I care what she thinks? I know her as well as she knows me!
So what is it then?
It's what we think of ourselves. It's not that I was unhappy with the things she said, it's that I was unhappy that she was pointing out something that I was unhappy with myself!
It's about what *I* thought of me. It's about what *I* thought of my own features.
The whole time I was holding on to my anger, it's because I wasn't ready to accept that for myself yet. And I really think, deep down, I couldn't let her apologise like I claimed I wanted to, because I hadn't accepted those things in myself yet. To this day sometimes when I see a picture of myself I think "Are my features oversized??" and things like that. Or i'll think "My boyfriend never responded, 'HOW DARE YOU! SHE IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE IN THE WORLD!' so what does THAT mean??"

At the end of the day, I've found that "disrespect" which was for so long my biggest pet peeve, and something I found "Unforgivable" without some outrageous form of apology or compensation should be the most simple thing to fix, because it's all about how you insult YOURSELF out of another person's mouth.

So next time you say "I've come too far to be disrespected", meaning I've come to far in my self-worth or confidence to let someone knock me down, maybe think about how this could really mean "I've buried my insecurities so deeply, that I'm terrified to let them be brought back up."

And even if your confidence isn't where you want it to be yet, I know EACH of us had had a situation where someone has stopped to let you know that you are beautiful, whether inside or out.
A girl from my highschool, who I never really talked to randomly messaged me this one day, and I really can't thank her enough:

truth is (I know, you didn't even ask) is I always admired you for how courageous you were with fashion and how outrageous you were and what a wonderful personality you had. I always wished I could be as beautiful as you...I counted you in my top 5 (in no specific order) of prettiest girls in our school and I always loved being around you...just thought you should know how wonderful you are.

I'm not sure what prompted her to let me know this, but it's things like this that you never know could make someone's day!
I know I purposely go out of my way to let someone know they look good, when I think they look good, but that's a post for another day. (:

I don't really know why I posted this, but maybe it'll help someone who finds themself dealing with similar issues.

But there you go! How about that... a post on inner beauty (:

Maybe we're all a little insecure. Maybe some of us are a lot insecure. That's okay! But next time you're feeling "less than" know that sometimes you're the only one standing in your way of just being enough.

That's all for now!

Maybe she's born with it...

Maybe it's maybelline?

Raw and unedited.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Weeks Nails

If I could name my nail look for this week it'd probably be "Buried Treasure"

It's like a blue-grean color and I faded in gold shimmer. The good part about blending glitter colors into normal ones is you don't really need to use the sponging technique!

Just wipe the brush off on the lip of the bottle, leaving as little polish as possible, and use a light hand as you paint up, getting heavier as you go.

The colors I used were:
Bizerk Turquoise by Funky Fingers. - This was maybe $2.99 and the brand can be found at stores like 5 and Below

The Gold and the Beautiful by Wet n Wild - This was I think $1.99 and can be found any where, I'm sure. Found this one at Walmart.

What do you guys think?



Monday, March 26, 2012

I'd Love to Wear...


Can anyone PLEASE tell me where to find a headpiece like this? The photo above is a gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens, and I've also seen it on people like Kloe Kardashian.

In general, I always find myself going through different phases with head dresses. I've gone through hats, bandanas, beanies, bows, and to this day I still wear clip-in flowers on a nice day.

New phase?

I love this. It's very Indian-Bohemian-esque and can dress up any outfit with a fun pop. I'm thinking if I never find one of these to call my own (God forbid...) It doesn't look difficult to make.

Now all I need to do is learn how to start a craft and FINISH it...

What do you guys think of bolder head pieces? Where have you guys found some cool unique ones?

That's all for now!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break Maddness!

My sincerest apologies for not having posted in almost two weeks!

I've been having a fantastic spring break and so I'd been staying away from my computer and all that sort of stuff.
My next blog post will probably be about hair and ways to make it healthy/grow, just to mix things up a bit (and because spring is a time where you want to finally let your hair down and flowy!)

But for now, I'll leave you guys with an update on a previous post! In my first "Obsession" post I talked a bit about my unhealthy obsession for all of the glitter nail polishes right now, and I had a gorgeous color that I didn't want to show you guys yet because I'd just gotten my nails done.

Well, here they are!

I'm in love! <3


Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Latest Obsession!

I'm not going to say much...


Sorry about that, I got a little carried away with the pictures, but don't they look fantastic?

I got them on Monday from Forever 21 and have come up with every excuse to never take them off. Ever. It's a problem.

They were dirt cheap and the most comfortable pumps I have ever worn!

There's only been one con:

I've only worn them a couple of times and they already have a scuff! But they are cheap, so eh, these are so worth it that I would buy pair after pair as they wear out!

And actually, after i took that picture I scratched at the scuff and it started to come right off!

Well, I'm off to find more outfits to match my new shoes. (:

That's all for now!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Go-To Faces

Hey guys! Today I decided I'd show you one of my "everyday" makeup looks. Depending on what I'm wearing, if I don't already have some look in mind for a special occasion or outfit or something, I have three go-to makeup looks that I wear on pretty much a daily basis.

1. Red Lips (EXCEPT on lazy days, I'd say I wear this look most often)
2. Smokey Eye and nude lips (this is more of my night-time go-to look)
3. Pink lips with natural smokey eye (this is for my lazier days or days that my outfit wouldn't look right with red lips.)
I know I said three, but I do have a fourth, though I will probably never post pictures of it here, on my LAZIEST days when I just can't function, I just throw on false lashes (that are cut in half, so they look natural) and MAYBE some liquid eyeliner on top.

And yes, I do find putting on false lashes much quicker and easier than applying mascara (I also dread taking mascara off... so messy!)

Anyway, without further ado (I have no clue how to spell that.) Here are my red lips! :*

The smokey eye I pair with red lips is a soft brown and bronze. These pictures aren't edited, I was using a public computer webcam and the light is strange. I have no black eyeshadow on at all. Just brown eyeliner on my bottom lids and black winged liquid liner on top.

I do look a bit crazy here... But this is so you can see the details better!

What do you guys think? A little old hollywood glam, if I do say so myself. (:

I'll post a tuturial on how to get the perfect red lip soon!

That's all for now!


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working With Colours (Blue)

Ahh where to begin with the colour blue... it's dreamy and beautiful yet bold and unique.
Especially on your eyes.
I decided to use blue to start showing how to turn certain "scary" colours into pretty and wearable looks because is less commonly used than greens and plums-- why not tackle the harder colours first, right? Once you can work with those big blues and oranges you'll find you can work with anything. (:

Many people think of using colours on the eyes and run away screaming at the sight of blue eyeshadow; which is very understandable!
This is NOT the easiest colour to pull off!

Many people think only certain "skin tones/colours" or even "hair colour" can wear blues, and that simply isn't true. I'd say it's more about finding the blues that work with your skin and about BLENDING that bold color with a more natural one. So don't go running for neon blues and kohl black (unless that's the look you're going for!). Take some time, expirement, and in no time you'll find a unique look you love!

Enough of my chatter. Here's the palett I used:

These blues are GORGEOUS and can be mixed and matched with the whites/silvers/dark blues to make whatever kind of blue you think matches your skin best. Along with this palette I used a deep brown (it's rare that I DON'T incorporate this color in a look), in my crease and I used black eyeshadow in the very corner.

Apply your base colour (a very light creamy colour) all over the eye, up to the eyebrow. Next apply your primary blue all over the lid. Then use a brown/bronze/black (depending on your desired look) into the crease, and smoke out the corners with any dark shade. I did not use any liner on my top lid because I don't have a lot of lid-space and I did not want the blue to not be visible when my eyes were open.

 I used black eyeshadow on my bottom eyelid and blended to the middle of the eye. I then took the darker blue, and blended that from the inner corner to the middle of the eye to meet the black shadow. Had this been a nighttime look, I would have used a black liner instead of a shadow, for darker, bolder results. (:

In case you couldn't tell, I LOVED the look! I'm not usually one to do big eye colors (My day to day goes back and fourth between red lips or a dark smokey eye and nude lips).

My Suggestions:
-Bigger, more neon blues can go well on pale skin, especially for a bolder look. In contrast, soft sky blues also are a good complement to pale skin.
-Medium skin-tones can accommodate a broad range of blues, but the "safest" to go with, I find, would be navys and steely-blues (as I used).
-Dark skin tones can work with big, bright classic blues, as well as a soft sky blue. I would avoid navys because they may come out grey-ish.

What colors have you been dying to try? Have any specific questions about your skintone? What do you think of the look? Leave a comment or contact me on twitter! (:

That's all for now!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Featured Look

Happy Mardi Gras!
I was thinking of posting a nail-polish tutorial for cool mardi gras striped nails, but as you may have read in my other post... my nails are freshly maincured so I don't wan't to mess them up just yet!

Instead, I've decided to do my first look of the week! This week I spotted this picture of Mila Kunis floating around Pinterest.com (go join the addiction!):


She is SO gorgeous! While this is more of a spring/fall outfit, I decided to try and replicate the look, but with a winter spin on it. (:

Ick! Ignore my dirty mirrors.

So Myspace 2004...

I paired a loose-fitting grey sweater with a blue, grey, and cream knit skirt. I'm wearing really low/super cheap suede boots.

Ah! I look so tired in these! But even if I didn't, I could never outdo Mila! <3
Like the look? I know I felt winter chic all day ;)

That's all for now!

P.S. - If you see a look that you want to duplicate or any look you want to submit to be featured let me know! (I'll link to your blog as well if you'd like). These don't just have to be pictures of you either. I'll be scouting out fashionistas (and fashionista.. boys...) that I see on the street and feature them every once in a while.

Follow me on Pinterest! -  http://pinterest.com/kissamakeup/

& on Twitter! - https://twitter.com/Kissamakeup

Monday, February 20, 2012

My Newest Obsessions

Hi guys!

While I'm usually one who tries to stay away from those kinds of trends that EXPLODE and everyone does them but you know they're short term (For example those feather hair extensions. Those came and went and I felt that they got a little over-done after a while.) I try to stick with timeless bits that can be done over and over... but this recent trend got me with...
Glitter nail polish!

Well played fashion industry.

My new obsession for this week is a particular sparkle nail polish, the colors are GORGEOUS (royal blue and royal purple). I haven't tried it on yet, but I can't wait!

Beautiful right? (:

My other obsession is wearing nail polish as a fade. Sparkle is perfect for this because it fades really well to give even beginners with their own nails an almost professional look! Take a look:

Combo: Nude nailpolish under a blue sparkle fade. Love! (:

What do you guys think about the glitter nail polish trend? Love it or can't stand it?

That's all for now!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Turn Old to New!

Hey guys!

I know a lot of you are probably like me and have a lot of crushed up or old eyeshadow that you don't really plan to use again. I was cleaning through my cosmetics and before I threw the stuff away decided to see if there was any way to salvage some of it. (some of these suggestions came from makeuptalk.com <-- if you're a makeup freak like me, go join/visit!)

1. Eyeshadow to Nail Polish!

I found out online that you can take old/crushed eyeshadow, mix it with clear nail polish, and voila!: you'll have a really pretty matte nail polish!
Matte nail polish is usually more expensive than the regular kind so I thought this was so cool.
(See first attempt at the bottom!)

2. Lipstick into Lipstain!

Simply dig out the lipstick left in the bottom of the tube and put it into a pot to apply with fingers or a brush as a stain. Simple! <3

3. Lipstick to Blush!

Same instructions as before just apply to cheeks instead of lips!

4. Crushed Eyeshadow/Pigment to Packed Powder!

To restore crushed or turn loose pigments/shadows to the packed eyeshadows they once were just take some visine (eyedrops) and use a flat surface to pack them right back into their pots.
*(I've also heard you can use a couple drops of rubbing alcohol and the same instructions as above for the same results! JUST be sure not to use the eyeshadow right away, wait overnight so the alcohol will evaporate (: )

5. Eyeshadow as Lipgloss!

Take the rest of the eyeshadow, crush it into a powder, and mix it with a bit of vaseline*** (or clear gloss/chapstick) in a small pot. Voila!
***I do NOT put vaseline on my lips unless I have a moisturizer underneath. Petroleum Jelly (vaseline) is a lip/skin PROTECTOR however it sucks the moisture out of lips unless you pre-moisturize and use the vaseline to lock it in. I'll elaborate on other products to look out for in a later post! <3

That's all so far. If you guys have any creative ways to "recycle" makeup, hit me up on twitter or leave a comment! <3

That's all for now!

P.S. -  Here's my first attempt at eyeshadow polish! It turned out well (minus the splotches because i was rushing and didn't crush up some of the eyeshadow enough)! I didn't like the matte finish in this color (it's just a neutral plummy-brown) so I put some glittter over it and a top coat (:

Ignore my gross feet! Feet creep me out by my nails are freshly manicured so... I'll change this picture once I try it on my fingernails.
I want to try this with an old powder foundation and see if it works! It would be the perfect nude polish <3

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Marie Claire, Loft, and Rimmel London Show

A few pictures from the Front Row Fashion Show! <3

Sorry in advance that I didn't take more-- especially of the models-- but I get so caught up in watching!
There was a lot of fur,
but of course the best part about these things (other than the fashion and networking...!) is...

all the free giveaways! (:

That's all for now!

@kissamakeup <-- tweet tweet!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Belated Valentine's Day?

Sorry for the delay on the double-winged eyeliner post!

But I had a couple of good looks for Valentines day (or any other day you're feeling very... pink!)


A soft pink eyeshadow with gold shimmers. Liquid eyeliner on top, black kohl eyeliner at the bottom (including in the waterline).


Take what we had before and add black shadow to the outer corners of the eye. Extend the wing and thicken the liner on the bottom and voila!

A daytime look to impress your lunch date and a nighttime look for whatever comes next. ;)

If you'd like any kinds of tutorials or steps on any of the looks I do or any looks you'd like me to do feel free to leave a comment. Also follow me on Twitter @Kissamakeup

That's all for now!