Sunday, February 19, 2012

Turn Old to New!

Hey guys!

I know a lot of you are probably like me and have a lot of crushed up or old eyeshadow that you don't really plan to use again. I was cleaning through my cosmetics and before I threw the stuff away decided to see if there was any way to salvage some of it. (some of these suggestions came from <-- if you're a makeup freak like me, go join/visit!)

1. Eyeshadow to Nail Polish!

I found out online that you can take old/crushed eyeshadow, mix it with clear nail polish, and voila!: you'll have a really pretty matte nail polish!
Matte nail polish is usually more expensive than the regular kind so I thought this was so cool.
(See first attempt at the bottom!)

2. Lipstick into Lipstain!

Simply dig out the lipstick left in the bottom of the tube and put it into a pot to apply with fingers or a brush as a stain. Simple! <3

3. Lipstick to Blush!

Same instructions as before just apply to cheeks instead of lips!

4. Crushed Eyeshadow/Pigment to Packed Powder!

To restore crushed or turn loose pigments/shadows to the packed eyeshadows they once were just take some visine (eyedrops) and use a flat surface to pack them right back into their pots.
*(I've also heard you can use a couple drops of rubbing alcohol and the same instructions as above for the same results! JUST be sure not to use the eyeshadow right away, wait overnight so the alcohol will evaporate (: )

5. Eyeshadow as Lipgloss!

Take the rest of the eyeshadow, crush it into a powder, and mix it with a bit of vaseline*** (or clear gloss/chapstick) in a small pot. Voila!
***I do NOT put vaseline on my lips unless I have a moisturizer underneath. Petroleum Jelly (vaseline) is a lip/skin PROTECTOR however it sucks the moisture out of lips unless you pre-moisturize and use the vaseline to lock it in. I'll elaborate on other products to look out for in a later post! <3

That's all so far. If you guys have any creative ways to "recycle" makeup, hit me up on twitter or leave a comment! <3

That's all for now!

P.S. -  Here's my first attempt at eyeshadow polish! It turned out well (minus the splotches because i was rushing and didn't crush up some of the eyeshadow enough)! I didn't like the matte finish in this color (it's just a neutral plummy-brown) so I put some glittter over it and a top coat (:

Ignore my gross feet! Feet creep me out by my nails are freshly manicured so... I'll change this picture once I try it on my fingernails.
I want to try this with an old powder foundation and see if it works! It would be the perfect nude polish <3


  1. These are great suggestions! I'm definitely going to try the first one (the eyeshadow nail polish). I'm a little weary of using the old eyeshadow on my lips since I'm not sure how much bacteria is lying around the shadows now...

    Thanks for the post!

    - Stephanie

  2. I love the nail polish and eye shadow idea!!! new follower