Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This Weeks Nails

If I could name my nail look for this week it'd probably be "Buried Treasure"

It's like a blue-grean color and I faded in gold shimmer. The good part about blending glitter colors into normal ones is you don't really need to use the sponging technique!

Just wipe the brush off on the lip of the bottle, leaving as little polish as possible, and use a light hand as you paint up, getting heavier as you go.

The colors I used were:
Bizerk Turquoise by Funky Fingers. - This was maybe $2.99 and the brand can be found at stores like 5 and Below

The Gold and the Beautiful by Wet n Wild - This was I think $1.99 and can be found any where, I'm sure. Found this one at Walmart.

What do you guys think?



Monday, March 26, 2012

I'd Love to Wear...


Can anyone PLEASE tell me where to find a headpiece like this? The photo above is a gorgeous Vanessa Hudgens, and I've also seen it on people like Kloe Kardashian.

In general, I always find myself going through different phases with head dresses. I've gone through hats, bandanas, beanies, bows, and to this day I still wear clip-in flowers on a nice day.

New phase?

I love this. It's very Indian-Bohemian-esque and can dress up any outfit with a fun pop. I'm thinking if I never find one of these to call my own (God forbid...) It doesn't look difficult to make.

Now all I need to do is learn how to start a craft and FINISH it...

What do you guys think of bolder head pieces? Where have you guys found some cool unique ones?

That's all for now!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Break Maddness!

My sincerest apologies for not having posted in almost two weeks!

I've been having a fantastic spring break and so I'd been staying away from my computer and all that sort of stuff.
My next blog post will probably be about hair and ways to make it healthy/grow, just to mix things up a bit (and because spring is a time where you want to finally let your hair down and flowy!)

But for now, I'll leave you guys with an update on a previous post! In my first "Obsession" post I talked a bit about my unhealthy obsession for all of the glitter nail polishes right now, and I had a gorgeous color that I didn't want to show you guys yet because I'd just gotten my nails done.

Well, here they are!

I'm in love! <3


Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Latest Obsession!

I'm not going to say much...


Sorry about that, I got a little carried away with the pictures, but don't they look fantastic?

I got them on Monday from Forever 21 and have come up with every excuse to never take them off. Ever. It's a problem.

They were dirt cheap and the most comfortable pumps I have ever worn!

There's only been one con:

I've only worn them a couple of times and they already have a scuff! But they are cheap, so eh, these are so worth it that I would buy pair after pair as they wear out!

And actually, after i took that picture I scratched at the scuff and it started to come right off!

Well, I'm off to find more outfits to match my new shoes. (:

That's all for now!