Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Few Weeks

 Nothing too interesting that I've been doing the past couple weeks... Still figuring out youtube and blogging and running around in circles with work and stuff.

Here's some nail stuff I've done in the past couple of weeks! I know I keep saying expect tutorials, and I promise they're coming! It's just taking me so long because doing them is so easy I forget to do the tutorial as I paint them.
All I have to say about the following nail looks is 1. They were all easy. 2. Tape will be your new best friend when replicating these. (:

Tip: Glitter nail polish is one of the easiest to use when making sharp lines because it's less runny and easier to control! 

These last few looks all used the new color Jaded by Revlon. I've been OBSESSED <3

 Welp, other than that, I visited my grandma this weekend and became a pro at MineSweeper...
ACTUALLY-- come to think of it, I did move out of my old apartment last week! So there's my excuse for the lack of posting. (:

Guess that's all for now!



  1. Hi! I saw your site on BSN and am relatively new to the blogosphere, but think your site is really fun! Looking forward to more posts :)

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