Sunday, July 8, 2012

Everyone! I'm starting up my online beauty consulting today! I'm very excited to get this started. At first I was just going to do online makeup consulting, but in my everyday life at home, I'm always giving people advice and recommendations on types of makeup, hair, and clothes styles and so far I have yet to dissappoint. So I thought- Why not give it a try online? I love giving any kinds of advice, but I feel like fashion is definitely a forte and a passion of mine.

My new about me:

I'm Kissa and I'm your free, online beauty consultant!
Ever get bored with your style or don't really have one? I love makeup, fashion, and (of course) bargain hunting.
All you need to do is send me a message, tweet, or a comment with:
1.) How would you describe yourself in 3 words? (they don't have to have anything to do with fashion-- any words you feel describe you!)
2.) How would you describe your style now?
3.) What is your favorite kind of shoe?
4.) (NOT mandatory) as far as makeup and hair suggestions, it's easier to give feedback if you provide a picture of your face as well as a full body (clothed please!!!) picture. If you aren't comfortable sending a picture, I'll need a detailed description of your face type and body type so I cam make appropriate clothing and makeup suggestions.

That's all! Give me a couple hours or days (depending on my schedule) and I'll get back to you with:
1.) A brief description of the type of style I recommend
2.) A list of clothing items that will help start off your new wardrobe (with links to websites where you can buy/see an example of the clothing! [don't worry! I'll try to keep the prices cheap!])
3.) A draw-up/tutorial of the types of makeup that I feel will best accompany the new look (along with links to websites to the types of makeup I suggest)
4.) Finally, a hair suggestion (for everyday, formal, and semi-formal occasions!)

If you love your new look, be sure to get back to me and I'll post a feature of you on my blog showing off your new look!
**Just a side note- I am by no means a professional image consultant! I'm just an online helping hand, and everything I suggest are just that- suggestions. At the end of the day, my passion is making others look at feel beautiful!

That's all for now!