Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Go-To Faces

Hey guys! Today I decided I'd show you one of my "everyday" makeup looks. Depending on what I'm wearing, if I don't already have some look in mind for a special occasion or outfit or something, I have three go-to makeup looks that I wear on pretty much a daily basis.

1. Red Lips (EXCEPT on lazy days, I'd say I wear this look most often)
2. Smokey Eye and nude lips (this is more of my night-time go-to look)
3. Pink lips with natural smokey eye (this is for my lazier days or days that my outfit wouldn't look right with red lips.)
I know I said three, but I do have a fourth, though I will probably never post pictures of it here, on my LAZIEST days when I just can't function, I just throw on false lashes (that are cut in half, so they look natural) and MAYBE some liquid eyeliner on top.

And yes, I do find putting on false lashes much quicker and easier than applying mascara (I also dread taking mascara off... so messy!)

Anyway, without further ado (I have no clue how to spell that.) Here are my red lips! :*

The smokey eye I pair with red lips is a soft brown and bronze. These pictures aren't edited, I was using a public computer webcam and the light is strange. I have no black eyeshadow on at all. Just brown eyeliner on my bottom lids and black winged liquid liner on top.

I do look a bit crazy here... But this is so you can see the details better!

What do you guys think? A little old hollywood glam, if I do say so myself. (:

I'll post a tuturial on how to get the perfect red lip soon!

That's all for now!


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