Kissa is...

A peek at my life and the events and whatnot.

So this is me!

This is the little 4 foot tall cray cray that I live with!


Sometimes the best nights are just running around town until the busses stop running.

Then again, they can also be the nights where you let yourself get a little crazy...

(But that makes it even more important to look crazy good...)

But I have to say the best day of my life was maybe the Drake concert. Floor tickets? Giggity.


...Then again any night that gives me an excuse to dress up in costume is gonna be incredible... ;)

Can I get an Amen to NEVER again having an ugly "dorm hallway" picture?

Scrap everything I just said. I just wanna dance.

My life and these crazy people who invade it are amazing. How's yours?


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