Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working With Colours (Blue)

Ahh where to begin with the colour blue... it's dreamy and beautiful yet bold and unique.
Especially on your eyes.
I decided to use blue to start showing how to turn certain "scary" colours into pretty and wearable looks because is less commonly used than greens and plums-- why not tackle the harder colours first, right? Once you can work with those big blues and oranges you'll find you can work with anything. (:

Many people think of using colours on the eyes and run away screaming at the sight of blue eyeshadow; which is very understandable!
This is NOT the easiest colour to pull off!

Many people think only certain "skin tones/colours" or even "hair colour" can wear blues, and that simply isn't true. I'd say it's more about finding the blues that work with your skin and about BLENDING that bold color with a more natural one. So don't go running for neon blues and kohl black (unless that's the look you're going for!). Take some time, expirement, and in no time you'll find a unique look you love!

Enough of my chatter. Here's the palett I used:

These blues are GORGEOUS and can be mixed and matched with the whites/silvers/dark blues to make whatever kind of blue you think matches your skin best. Along with this palette I used a deep brown (it's rare that I DON'T incorporate this color in a look), in my crease and I used black eyeshadow in the very corner.

Apply your base colour (a very light creamy colour) all over the eye, up to the eyebrow. Next apply your primary blue all over the lid. Then use a brown/bronze/black (depending on your desired look) into the crease, and smoke out the corners with any dark shade. I did not use any liner on my top lid because I don't have a lot of lid-space and I did not want the blue to not be visible when my eyes were open.

 I used black eyeshadow on my bottom eyelid and blended to the middle of the eye. I then took the darker blue, and blended that from the inner corner to the middle of the eye to meet the black shadow. Had this been a nighttime look, I would have used a black liner instead of a shadow, for darker, bolder results. (:

In case you couldn't tell, I LOVED the look! I'm not usually one to do big eye colors (My day to day goes back and fourth between red lips or a dark smokey eye and nude lips).

My Suggestions:
-Bigger, more neon blues can go well on pale skin, especially for a bolder look. In contrast, soft sky blues also are a good complement to pale skin.
-Medium skin-tones can accommodate a broad range of blues, but the "safest" to go with, I find, would be navys and steely-blues (as I used).
-Dark skin tones can work with big, bright classic blues, as well as a soft sky blue. I would avoid navys because they may come out grey-ish.

What colors have you been dying to try? Have any specific questions about your skintone? What do you think of the look? Leave a comment or contact me on twitter! (:

That's all for now!


  1. These colors look gorgeous on your complexion and you look great in a smokey eye :)

  2. just discovered your blog hun.
    the colours looks lovely on you! xx


  3. really pretty colours!! just came across your blog..really nice

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  4. You're quite talented, I have tried to apply the "smokey eye" many times, usually resorting to the premade "kits" and still managing to fail miserably. I kind of envy your eyeshadow skills.

    1. Thank you! The problem I find with most kits is that not all of the colors in them match the same kinds of skin so putting them all on can turn out a little crazy looking sometimes!