About Me

I'm Carissa, Kissa for short. I'm a busy college student. I'm pretty weird. I'm just rolling with the punches. I'm a freelance makeup artist. I'm rediculously cheap. My weakness for fashion has somehow not phased how cheap I am. I love my lips. I love my boobs. I'm insecure about my bottom teeth. I wish I cared enough to wear my retainer. I'm obsessed with hair products. I'm the queen of cheek contouring. I know I look like FeFe Dobson and Selena Gomez's lovechild. I'm a vegetarian (excluding seafood). I don't like soda, it hurts when I burp. I love to burp. I'm a firm believer that girls don't poop. I'm pretty scatter-brained. I can read palms. I'm a lefty. I'm a scorpio.

About me.



"Passion will make you crazy-- but is there any other way to live?" - Howard Hughes

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