Friday, February 17, 2012

Gotta Thing for Double Wings

There are so many ways to do beautiful and unique double-winged eyeliner looks!

Double-wings can be a very bold statement or a nice accent depending on how you do them. I'll post the different kinds of double wings that you can do and I'll try to find ways to accomodate any eyeshape!


1.) Egyptian wings-

These double wings are the most classic! Just extend the eyeliner you put on your bottom lid and extend the eyeliner you put on your top lid. I find that it helps if you put some kind of lighter colored eyeshadow inbetween the two wings to enhance the fact that they are not connected.
My Suggestions:
-This can be used for night or day, it depends more on how you do the rest of your eyeshadow (:
-It tends to work better on eyes that have more lidspace (unlike mine) My top lid is lined pretty thin, but that is because I don't have a lot of lid-space***

***if you don't know what lid-space is, it is how creased your eye is. Many asians have very little lid-space because their eyes are very creased/hooded/lidded. The more lid-space you have the less creased your eyes are. (:


2. Fishtail

I'm calling this one the Fishtail because, of course, that's what it looks like! The difference between this and the Egyptian is that the linds are thicker and they are connected. It helps if you curve the lines up or down (rather than just doing straight wings) in order to enhance the fact that they are connected.
My Sugesstions:
-This look is a bit bolder than the previous. However, if you just do the wings and liner (no eyeshadow), and no other kind of bold makeup (like lipstick) this can be a unique day-time staple.
-These wings can be adjusted to almost any kind of eye because the lines are connected, and they can be made as thick or thin as you like.
- I actually find this look easier to do than the Egyptian! Maybe it's just me? But in case it isn't, I would definitely suggest this for beginners (:

3. The Crease

This look is not the simplest to learn, but once you do figure it out it's really easy to get the hang of! You do your eyeliner as usual (eyeliner on top and eyelner on bottom), connect the top and bottom liner to make one straight line. Then place your eyeliner pencil right on your crease and just trace the natural shape. Extend this out to the length of the previous line you made. And you're done!
My Suggestions:
-This looks best on eyes more like mine--  Creased eyes that still have a little bit of lid space. This can change the whole shape of this kind of eye, making it appear more open.
-It looks cleaner if you just use a solid line, but blends better and looks more natural if you blur/blend the line a little bit (however do NOT blend the wing tip that you extend in your corners).
-This can be adjusted to a night out and very bold, or can be a nice accent to a neutral, soft smokey eye for daytime.

That's all for now!
-Kissa <3

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  1. Loving the Egyptian wings.. must work on that. :]