Thursday, February 16, 2012

All About You

From weddings, to local fashion shows, to paties-- makeup has always been a part of perfecting our greatest fantasies.

These fantasies come from not only the biggest and boldest ideas but also the clean and simple.

One of the biggest problems people come to me with as far as makeup is that they have an image of what they want in their head, but don't know how to accomplish it.
For example, I once did makeup on a bride who insisted on using turquoise somewhere on her eyes. She told me that she had gone to two other makeup artists prior and they both told her that she "couldn't" and "shouldn't" use that color and should stick to neutral. One wouldn't even attempt a look and the other didn't bother listening to what the bride really wanted and ended up doing a bold turquoise smokey eye.
I was immediately appauled! Wasn't she the bride? I understand helpful advice in a more traditional direction as far as makeup, but the one thing people need to keep in mind in ANY profession-- It's all about them, not you!

I think that you can find a way to adjust nearly any look to fit your eyes and your occasion-- you just need to know how! (By the way, I knocked it out of the ballpark for the wedding and gave the bride a beautiful neutral eye with a pop of shimmery turquoise in her inner corners (: )

So read on for some amazing looks and a lot of creativity.

That's all for now!

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